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Photography and everything around it, including the use of cameras, lighting, working with models, the Adobe Photoshop family; professional photographer talks and inspirational/creative activities and workshops.

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Welcome to the London Photographic Adobe User Group!

London Photographic (Meetup Group) is a fully established meeting place for likeminded Photographers; we have been around for over 6 years and have increased our membership to more than 3800 with new members joining daily. The focus of the group is to be everything around Photography, including the use of cameras, lighting, the Adobe Photoshop family (Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom); professional photographer talks and inspirational/creative activities such as our monthly photo walks, posing workshops, themed shoots, and studio and off camera flash workshops.

We have a progressive calendar with an active support community and try to hold a minimum of six meetings a month for our members to participate in. We also have strong links to the active professionals within the UK photography market, who are always keen to come and speak at our events.

We are applying to be a certified Adobe User group for multiple reasons; 1) We are passionate about the craft of photography and are striving to stay as the largest Photography Community group in the UK. 2) We would like to have a closer relationship with the Adobe brand in the UK and become almost independent ambassadors. 3) We would like to grow our group in different directions; being closer to Adobe in this way will potentially help us to achieve this and move into other sectors, i.e. film and video where we can help members to further explore their creativity in moving images and the editing processes.

For more information about the group, please visit

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Creative Cloud update
Entry posted on Jan 18, 2014 by JC20 , tagged News,Rich Internet Apps,Video

The next major update to Creative Cloud is now available. It includes new features across all core tools—Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC—including 3D printing support in Photoshop CC. Details about the new release can be found on the Creative Layer blog post
Getting started:

  • Training videos that cover new features are available on Creative Cloud Learn.
  • Existing Creative Cloud members can download the updates through the Creative Cloud desktop application.
  • Encourage your community to try out the free trial membership for 30-day access to the latest versions of every Adobe creative desktop app.
  • 30-day trial software has been reset for Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Adobe Muse CC. This is a great way to encourage your community to try out the latest releases. To access: launch the Creative Cloud desktop app, click "Update" next to the desired app.

Free Creative Cloud Learn
Entry posted on Jan 18, 2014 by JC20 , tagged Design,Interactive Experience,News,Video

In support of the latest Creative Cloud release, we’ve compiled a list of training videos that cover new product features. All are available on Creative Cloud Learn.

Creative Cloud Learn content is free and available to all. 

Photography Applications

Photoshop CC
Scripted Patterns and fills | Video
Photoshop 14.2 JDIs | Video
How to link Smart Objects in Photoshop | Project-based video
How to adjust perspective in a photo | Project-based video
Get new Typefaces for your printed photo projects | Video

Linked Smart Objects
Perspective warp
Scripted patterns and fills
Photoshop 14.2 JDIs

Creative Cloud Suite

Get new typefaces for your printed projects
How to Use Typekit Desktop Fonts

Other Creative cloud applications. 

Illustrator CC
How to draw with the Pencil tool and Path Segment reshape in Illustrator | Project-based tutorial 
How to work with Live Corners in Illustrator | Project-based tutorial
What’s new in Illustrator (Jan, 2014) | Video
All-new pencil tool | Video 
Path segment reshaping | Video 
Live Corners | Video 
Custom Tools panels | Video
Timesaver features | Video
Typekit integration in Illustrator | Video
Responsive SVG files | Video

InDesign CC
What’s new in InDesign (Jan, 2014) | Video
What’s new for EPUB? (Jan, 2014) | Video
Simplified Hyperlinks | Video
Typekit desktop fonts and Font menu enhancements | Video

Creative Cloud
How to add fonts to your desktop apps through Creative Cloud | Project-based video


Illustrator CC 
Adobe Illustrator CC: What’s new in January 2014
All-new pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator CC
Path Segment Reshape in Adobe Illustrator CC
Live Corners in Adobe Illustrator CC
Custom Tools panels in Illustrator CC 
Typekit Integration in Illustrator CC 
Responsive SVG in Illustrator CC 
Customer-requested timesavers in Illustrator CC

InDesign CC 
What’s New in InDesign CC
Typekit desktop fonts and Font Menu Enhancements in InDesign CC 
Simplified Hyperlinks in InDesign CC
What’s New for EPUB in InDesign CC

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Upcoming LPMG Events

Events - London Photographic Spring at Kew Gardens - Apr 24

photoLondon Photographic

Spring at Kew Gardens: 26 April 2014 – 11 am

Join us for a spring outing at Kew Gardens – Bluebells and other spring flowers, ducklings, goslings, and other new-born birds; altogether with the Palm House, the ornamental Chinese Pagoda, the Lily House, the resident peacocks, and the botanical collection that has made Kew justly famous.

Whether you want to photograph the landscape vistas, or use your macro lenses on the orchids, Kew caters to every photographer's needs.

Where and When to Meet:

The entrance fee is £14.50 or group discount x 10 people £13.05.

We plan to meet outside Kew Gardens Station - Station Parade exit at 11.00 am on 26 April 2014. From there, we'll make our way to Victoria Gate entrance – a five minute walk.

Photographing on the day:

There are a lot of attractions in Kew Gardens with lots to do and to photograph. We ask that you respect the space and the environment and don't use a tri-pod in the greenhouses or in areas where space is restricted. We suggest bringing along a mono-pod to limit causing obstructions for other visitors to the gardens.

There several eateries at Kew to buy lunch or bring your own lunch and enjoy a picnic lunch in the gardens.

Why not join us at The Criketers (previously The Rose and Crown) Pub at the end of the day to quench your thirst. The pub is situated on Kew Green not far from the Main Gate to the Gardens. We'll be there from 16:00. Gates close at Kew Gardens at 19:30.

Travel: Kew Gardens station (District Line, London Overground) is the closest London Underground station, and is in zone 3. For those wishing to travel from Waterloo, catch SW Trains to Richmond and change there to the District Line. Be sure to visit the National Rail Journey Planner as there's a fast train that takes around 20 mins as opposed to almost an hour.

Please note:

1) If you are coming from central London on the district line, you willhave to come out of the station and cross over the footbridge to be on the Kew Gardens side

2) the Tube/rail closures this weekend:


Kew - United Kingdom

Saturday, April 26 at 11:00 AM

Attending: 20

Fee: Price: GBP 3.50 per person


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